Watermelons: Nature’s Keg

Still pumping your watermelons full of rum? What is this, summer camp? It’s time to grow up and start converting your watermelons into kegs. The instructions for the Watermelon Keg come from none other than the National Watermelon Promotion Board—which surprisingly is an actual thing. Essentially you slice off a thin layer from the bottom end, slice open the top, scoop out the meat (or liquefy with booze), and jam a spigot in the front. Presto! Your watermelon keg is born.

Intrusctions for Watermelon Keg

Watermelon Keg



  • Wash the watermelon under cool running water and pat dry.
  • On a cutting board, place the watermelon on its side and cut off 1/4”-1/2” from both ends, being careful not to cut too deep into the white part of the rind. One side will provide a sturdy base.
  • Use dry erase marker or painters tape to make a thick band on the upper 1/3 and lower third of the watermelon that will represent the metal bands around a barrel or keg and use the channel knife to trim away a thin line to represent those metal bands.
  • Hollow out the watermelon with a spoon or scoop, reserving the watermelon pieces to make your favorite punch or juice. Be sure to leave about 2” of watermelon flesh towards the bottom of the watermelon so the Spigot can be placed.
  • Use an apple corer to cut a circle for your spigot to fit through the watermelon rind, placing it about 2-3 inches above the bottom of the watermelon. Screw your Spigot into place.
  • For added detail, carefully pin twine in your lines you’ve made to represent the metal bands around the barrel/keg. Be careful that the pins do not poke through into the barrel/keg.
  • Place the barrel/keg on a saucer or plate and fill with your favorite chilled punch or juice recipe.


  1. Diane wrote:

    I absolutely love this. Brilliant!! Will have plenty of these at my next summer party when watermelon’s come into season. Thank you for this.

  2. Gerri Dumas Domicolo wrote:

    Tried it today. Filled with just ice water….so refreshing on a hot day.Will def make the adult version for next Ladies Day :)

  3. Dave wrote:

    I totally did this!!!!! Instead of a watermelon I used a bottle!!!!! And instead of juice I used Vodka!!!! It was so good!!!! Sometimes I keep me “bottle of vodka” in the freezer for added refreshment on a hot day!!!

  4. I always love to see new interesting summer food ideas. The watermelon keg looks really interesting and there are thousand possibilities to mix and serve the drinks…

  5. Absolutely amazing! Best thing to happen to fruit since apple pie!

  6. Elaine wrote:

    Yummy! I’m not a big drinker, but this would be fun, filled with water and some lemon slices for a babyshower or small picnic somewhere!

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