Diamond Jubilee

John Walker Limited Edition Diamond Jubilee

Upon completing 60 years at the throne, John Walker released “Diamond Jubilee”, a specially crafted blend of rare malt and grain Scotch whiskies distilled in 1952, coinciding with Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

Amazing Bottle Design

The packaging as one may notice is equally cherish-able as the golden liquid beverage inside. Involving the work of 60 artisans including Royal Warrant Holders, and Britain’s premier silversmiths, Hamilton & Inches, the 6 legged Baccarat crystal decanters are being worked on, which represent each decade of her majesty’s rule of the kingdom. The casing for these bottles will be decorated with sterling silver set along with half a carat diamond, the royal coat of arms, and even John Walker & Sons monogram, and will also include an individual numbered seal.

Luxurious Bottle Design

Whiskey Bottle Design

Along with this, there would be Crumbia crystal glasses which have been engraved by Philip Lawson, along with a commemorative book by Laura West and personalization by Sally Magnum, who all come by special appointments from her majesty, Queen Elizabeth. This is what true collector’s items are made of.

Custom Engraved Whiskey Glasses

The 60 editions of Diamond Jubilee by John Walker & Sons will be released by John Walker & Sons for sale at £100,000

Expensive Bottles of Whiskey

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