Skittle Infused Alcohol

99 Skittles Schnapps

Infusing vodka with Skittles is a very popular trend right now. We wanted to remix that idea by infusing 99 Schnapps nips with Skittles. Smooth, refreshing, easy to drink, and most of all, fun. Great for night creatures that like a walk on the wild side!

99 Schnapp Nips


  1. Marco wrote:

    Do you have to muddle the skittles or leave them whole and let them dissolve… I used to infuse vodka with Jolly Ranchers and don’t drink it unltil the candies dissolved.

    • The Minister wrote:

      I just let them dissolve. A little rigorous shaking will strip the color off the Skittles in a few minutes.

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  3. Sarah wrote:

    If those are mini bottles, how many skittles per mini bottle? I really want to do this for my friends for xmas!

    • The Minister wrote:

      They are nips. I think there was about 4-5 skittles in each. I had to cut them into quarters to fit into the bottles. I basically put in as many skittles that would fit before the schnapps overflowed.

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